Thursday, November 12, 2009

Two days for the read of one

I'm behind an update from yesterday so here's the catchup:

Yesterday's Weight: 227.0 lbs. (-3 lbs.)

What I ate yesterday:

Breakfast - Egg, fat free cheese & Canadian bacon wrap
Snack - Yogurt & granola
Lunch - Zone protein bar & Green apple
Snack - red pepper slices & cheese string
Supper - 12 Garlic Shrimps (no butter or fat) with steamed veggie medley
Snack - 2 pickles

Took the evening off since everything hurt

Weight Today:
226.5 lbs. (-3.5 lbs.)

What I ate today:
Breakfast - yogurt, berries, oats & almond parfait
Snack - Low fat string cheese & 2 clementines
Lunch - Zone protein bar + green apple
Snack - 1% cottage cheese cup & 2 organic full size carrots
Supper - Lemon Herb 1/2 chicken breast + 1/4 cup low fat cheese & lettuce in a wrap & steamed veggie medley
Snack -

Workout: 20 minutes treadmill run/walk + strength training arms

I'm really happy about how the eating has been going. I don't have to think about it every waking minute of the day. Only for 10 minutes in the morning when I throw the day's food in a lunchbag and dash out the door. I'll probably have to buy more snack and breakfast options for next week. But for now I'm still pleased with what I bought for the new eating plan. J is being so motivating and is even liking snacking on healthy food. I just hope I don't get sick, it seems people are falling like flies at work from the colds and flus going around. I was sure I was hit with it today, but so far so good. I've got a new trick for crushing my cravings for snacking when I walk in the door at home - I grab a coffee on the way home. It numbs my hunger until supper is ready and it gives me a little kick to get through the end of day slump. Well time to get ready for the workout! I wonder if anyone is reading or following any of this...can't wait to get my first comment or follower. *bats eyelashes* ;)

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