Monday, November 9, 2009

Setting my goal

It's always good to set a goal in order to have something to aim for. And so I'm setting my goal weight at 170lbs. That's what I weighed when I met J back in 2006. I had lost aprox. 30lbs. just before I met him and felt totally amazing. It was the lowest I had weighed throughout my adult life. I'm 5'9" so 170lbs. is by far a healthy weight and I should probably even try to go a bit lower once I reach that goal. But you have to start with something attainable I believe. I know I can do it because I've done it before.

Not to blame my husband for my weight gain because I was and am the only person responsible for my health, but I put on 30lbs. He's a fan of eating out and ordering in. In the first year we were dating and since our wedding in April I've somehow managed to add on another 30lbs. I've heard of the freshman-15..but the newlywed-30?? It's not rocket science..I didn't workout and I ate a lot of cookies, cakes, bread, butter, cream, and chocolate: recipe for disaster.

Here I am in 2006 just around the time I met J:

[Above: I was so bony..but healthy! Is it possible even my nose was skinnier?? I was wearing a very sexy size 12 during the time above, and look at how thin my arms were! Awesome.]

And more recent photos of our wedding in April 2009:

[Above: I was so happy on our wedding day, but realized after that my grecian dress was far from flattering. It made me look huge! Okay it is a size 16, but wow. I got a real shock when I saw these photos, and now I'm even 30lbs. heavier!]

But enough bellyaching (pardon the pun), it's time for action! So, the plan is to document and journal my weight loss and my effort in this blog. If you're also in the midst of a weight-loss journey, well hop on board and add comments, I looove feedback. :)

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