Friday, July 3, 2009

Guilty Wish: Realized!

A little while ago I was expressing a wish or maybe more of an imaginary dream of hiring a cleaning lady. Well, since then we've actually done it! A few days after the wedding reception, once we started getting back into the regular routine of life we realized that we had really had our hands full with the reception planning. As a result our places was a royal mess. My husband finally convinced me to let him hire some help. So during a day I had off from work we called in a cleaning lady to give the place a good scrub down while I catch up on dishes and laundry and some organizing.

So great, she's coming back!

She did a great job and my husband has even agreed to hire her to do a deep cleaning once a month from now on. Not because I wasn't efficient enough at keeping our home clean, but because I have enough to do with work and cooking and basic laundry and dishes. It's a modern step forward that I think several working women will have to learn to accept.

Waking up in heaven

The morning after the cleaning lady had come by I awoke to a spotless paradise! I was utterly happy and relaxed. My husband even seems to pick up after himself a bit more, possibly because he's paying to keep the place clean now. Whatever reason, it's working - and totally resolving the "pick up after yourself" conflict!

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