Friday, May 15, 2009

The Joy of Slipcovers

With a long weekend on the horizon, I've decided to go into deep cleaning mode and one of my goals is to wash all the slipcovers. In our home we have two Ikea sofas, and both have pure white slipcovers. As you can imagine, we have no kids but we do have guests who spill red wine, have dirty hands, and even we are guilty of sometimes dropping the occasional chocolate crumbs on the cushions. All resulting in due time for a good scrub.

What a wonderful thing

The great thing about slipcovers is the non-commitment. Personally I'm terrible at choosing colours, so with slipcovers I can rest assured that if I change my mind down the road or repaint a room, we won't need to buy new furniture. Also I see slipcovered furniture as a good investment for a young couple who forsee adding kids to the equation. Clearly we'll have to forgo the white slipcovers when baby makes three, and switch to a kid friendly pattern.

One of the most astonishing things to me is that of all the slipcovers Ikea sells, the pure white one that we have is the cheapest!? Which is terrific since a major red wine spillage can necessitate a total change of slipcover.

There are alternatives

If however, the limited colour palette of Ikea's slipcovers makes you hum and haw, check out makers of a variety of custom guaranteed to fit slipcovers for Ikea seats, chairs and sofas. They have a great variety of colours and fabrics that can match any room.

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